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WW2 Fallen - Marshall Camp, P-40 pilot

Major Marshall Camp's P-40 suffered engine failure on January 4, 1944 leading to his death in Iceland.

Marshall Pyron Camp could have been 100 years old today. 

He was born on April 3, 1917 in New Mexico. His mother was born in Texas and his father was born in Georgia. His father was an accountant for a railroad office and died in 1937. Marshall had an older sister and two older brothers and a younger sister. His older brother Wilbur, who was serving in the 79th Pursuit Squadron stationed in Shreveport, Louisiana, died in a boating accident on February 16, 1939.

By 1940 Marshall had completed three years of college and was a 2nd lieutenant in the Army Air Corps stationed at the Panama Canal.

After the war started, Camp had been promoted to major and was a P-40 Warhawk pilot in the 33rd Fighter Squadron, 342d Composite Group stationed in Iceland. The 33rd Fighter Squadron participated in air defense, escort patrols, and antisubmarine patrols.

He died on January 4, 1944 from injuries sustained after bailing out of his plane. According to a contemporaneous press report:

Major Camp was flying P-40N s/n 42-105469 on a patrol mission north of Snæfellsnes in extremely bad weather low ceiling blowing snow and high wind. His engine failed and he bailed out and came down in an open field. The aircraft came down at the foot of the mountain Vallnahnúkur.
Few local men went out in the hard weather to rescue the pilot but were unsuccessful. He died from cold and serious injuries, shortly after they reached him. 

Ólafur Bjarnason, a farmer at Brimilsvellir, heard the aircraft but did not see it. A few minutes later he saw the pilot in a parachute. 

After landing the pilot was pulled by the storm several hundred meters over a rocky and frozen ground. This caused the most of his serious injuries. 

Ólafur went out in the strong wind to help the pilot. He searched the area and saw Major Camp on the shore at the bottom of a ca. 15 m. high cliff (Vallnabjarg). The wind had pulled him in his parachute over the edge of the cliff. Ólafur heard Major Camp call for help once and that was the last he heard from him.
The only access to the shore below the cliff was from the sea. Ólafur gathered some neighbors and went on a boat to save the pilot. Major Camp was unconscious when they reached him. He regained consciousness for a short time in the boat but died before being moved to a hospital.

Location where the mortally injured Major Camp was found. 
His remains were returned to be buried at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery.

Thank you Marshall for your sacrifice. Let's Earn It for Marshall.

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