Monday, May 29, 2017

Remember the Fallen of WW2 By Telling Their Stories

Updated 5/3/2018

Yesterday the visits to this website passed 700,000. We're on pace to reach 1 million visits later this year. I am glad to see an increasing interest in the stories of some of the 404,800 Americans who never came home from World War 2.

While all the fallen deserve our remembrance and I am only able to profile a fraction of them, some of the stories really stand out. Here are three profiles from April that, if you missed them, are especially worth reading:
  • Arthur Barton Cross, the subject of the excellent book, The Jersey Boys, who spent nearly the three years as a POW in the Philippines.
  • Clarence Aaberg, a B-17 pilot who saved his whole crew at the cost of his life. All of them survived the war.
  • Two men of healing: Medic George McMullin and my neighbor, 100 year old Dr. Lloyd Hicken, a B-24 pilot. 
Clockwise from upper left: Arthur Barton Cross, Clarence Aaberg, Lloyd Hicken, George McMullin.

Also in April, I was able to revisit the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia while the cherry blossoms were in bloom.

Earlier this year I visited the World War 2 Memorial for the first time. It was a very cold day, but with the visit.
There are 4,048 stars on this wall, one for each 100 of the fall.
I have profiled 486 of the fallen so far, only four of these stars.

Back when this project exceeded 100,000 visits, I created this video to share.

On behalf of the fallen, if you would like to see more people become aware of this project to honor the WW2 fallen, be sure to share with others on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thanks for your interest!

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