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WW2 Fallen - B-24 Bombardier Adolph Ornstein + famous actor born on the same day

Lt. Adolph Ornstein was a B-24 bombardier in the 719th Bombardment Squadron. 

Adolph Ornstein never had a chance to reach 100 years old today. Instead, he sacrificed his life for our freedom.

He was born on June 18, 1917 in New York. His father and mother were both born in Austria Hungary in what became Czechoslovakia after WWI. They came to America in1892 and 1900. His father worked in real estate. Adolph had one older brother.

Adolph had completed three years of college when he decided to enlist in the army on October 10, 1941. At some point he was assigned to the Army Air Corp. He became a 2nd lieutenant on July 11, 1942 and a B-24 bombardier in the 719th Bombardment Squad, 449th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force.

The 449th Bomb Group arrived in the Mediterranean in December 1943. It set up its airbase near Taranto, Italy. On April 4, 1944 twenty eight planes from the 449th bombed the marshaling yards in Bucharest, Romania. There was no fighter escort and the Germans attacked the American bombers with numerous fighters. The Americans claimed shooting down 40 enemy fighters, which was likely an overstatement. They lost seven planes of their own. Lt. Ornstein was killed in action on this mission. For this mission the 449th was awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation.
His grave is at Mount Ararat Cemetery, East Farmingdale, New York.

Thank you Adolph for your sacrifice. Let's Earn It for Adolph.


Also born on June 18, 1917 was the actor Richard Boone. Boone was primarily known for his work in westerns such as the TV show Have Gun Will Travel which aired for six years, and John Wayne's final movie, The Shootist. During World War 2 Boone served in the Navy which included flying as a gunner in Avenger torpedo bombers. Boone died in 1981.

Richard Boone in the navy and later as an actor. 

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