Sunday, January 8, 2017

WW2 Fallen - Herbert Feist, 1st Marine Division

Private Feist's fellow Marines on Okinawa
Herbert Feist could have been 100 years old today. 

He was born on January 8, 1917 in Illinois. His father was from Wisconsin and worked as a barber.  His mother was from Nebraska. All four of his grandparents were born in Germany. He had 1 older brother. 

Hebert Feist served as a private in the storied 5th Marines Regiment, 1st Marine Division which fought on Guadalcanal, New Britain, New Guinea, Peleliu, and Okinawa. We don't know how many of these campaigns he served in except for Okinawa. He was killed on May 9, most likely while facing the Japanese 32nd Army on the south end of the island.  More than 12,500 Americans lost their lives during the Okinawa campaign.

An excellent memoir by a fellow 5th Regiment Marine is With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa by Eugene Sledge. The book was a primary resource for the HBO miniseries The Pacific.

Private Feist's remains were returned to be buried at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii in 1949.

Thank you Pvt Feist for your sacrifice. Let's Earn It for Pvt. Feist.

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