Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Three WW2 Stories for Valentine's Day

Some of the WW2 fallen and their sweethearts. Follow the link below to read more:
When I started this project 408 profiles ago, I was confident that I would find many compelling stories about these mostly forgotten fallen. These are more than just names on a war memorial in their home towns or stars on the Wall of Stars at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. They were sons, sometimes husbands, sometimes fathers. In their mid-twenties they had a future that should have encompassed the rest of the 20th century, most likely shared with someone to love. They had dreams that went unfulfilled. They left girlfriends or wives who lost their sweethearts.

Here are three examples from the stories I have researched so far:
  • The touching message D-Day participant Johnston Wiles's former girlfriend left him 58 years after he died. See here.
  • Medal of Honor hero George Keathley's dying words were: "Please write my wife a letter and tell her I love her, and also that I did everything I could for her and for my country. So long, Dozier, give 'em hell for me, I'm done for." Read about Sgt. Keathley here.
  • P-47 Pilot Claude Rahn's widow Vera never remarried and outlived him by 59 years. She is buried by his side with a touching message on her gravestone. See here.

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