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WW2 Fallen - B-17 Bombardier Kenneth Foote

2nd Lt. Kenneth Foote was the bombardier in the B-17 Myna Myra, 96th Bombardment Group. 
Kenneth Warren Foote never had a chance to reach 100 years old today. Instead, he sacrificed his life for our freedom.

He was born on February 17, 1918 in Arizona. His mother Annie was also born in Arizona while his father Clarence was born in Utah. His father worked as a farmer and later as a home building contractor and carpenter. Kenneth had three younger brothers. By 1940 Kenneth had completed two years of college and was still a student.

He enlisted in the Army Air Forces and became a second lieutenant and bombardier in the 338th Bombardment Squadron, 96th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force, which was equipped with B-17s. The 96th BG arrived in England in May 1943. Lt. Foote likely joined at a much later time.

On February 7, 1944 Kenneth married Ruth Bybee from Idaho in Arkansas of all places.

Lt. Foote's final mission was on May 12, 1944 when the target of the mission was Zwickau, Czechoslovakia. Lt. Foote was flying in the B-17 Myna Myra. It was shot down that day along with 11 other 96th BG bombers. Only 14 returned to base. This was the worst one day loss for the 96th BG among 320 missions flown during the war. Six men from Lt. Foote's plane survived and became prisoners of war. Foote and the other three men at the front of the plane were all killed, suggesting that was where the plane was fatally struck.

Two of Kenneth's brothers joined the armed forces after his death and came home alive.

His grave is at Safford City Cemetery in Arizona. I don't know what happened to his widow.

Thank you Kenneth for your sacrifice. Let's Earn It for Kenneth.

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