Saturday, February 10, 2018

WW2 Fallen - Hollis Rider, 79th Infantry Division

Pvt. Hollis Rider served in the 79th Infantry Division, shown here Barneville-Carteret, France. 
Hollis M. Rider never had a chance to reach 100 years old today. Instead, he sacrificed his life for our freedom.

He was born on February 10, 1918 in Iowa. His parents Ralph and Etta were also both born in Iowa. His father worked as a farmer. Hollis had an older sister. Hollis married Betty Conaway on January 14, 1940. They had a son and a daughter.

He was drafted into the army on April 9, 1944. He served as a private in the 315th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division. The 79th ID first battled the Germans in Normandy in June 1944. Pvt. Rider joined as a replacement, probably in late October when the 79th was pulled off the line to rest and refit. It was back in action in the Mignevine-Montiguy area in early November. Pvt. Rider was killed in action on November 27, 1944.

His grave is at Garwin Union Cemetery, Garwin, Iowa. His widow remarried and died in 1994.

Thank you Hollis for your sacrifice. Let's Earn It for Hollis.

Last year on this date I profiled Ivar Peterson, 34th Infantry Division. You can read about Ivar here.

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